TYPE Urban strategy landscape architecture
SIZE ???
STATUS Preliminary
CLIENT Norsk Form and Hadsel Kommune

TUPELO crew Christopher Dyvik, Thor Arne Kleppan, Knut Hovland
The proposals for the arrival areas of Hurtigruten in Rørvik is a continuation of the competition winning entry for Landkjenne. Parts of the proposals in the original scheme is developed into pre-tender stage. The work has focused on the immediate arrival area and the main dock.

The project proposes 3 main public objects and general resurfacing of the central key ares. All object encourages to different use of the main space and enables it to be flrxible. The space can be used for traditional harbour functions of transport and storage as well as public city events such as boat expo and christmas tree sale as well as a general spcae to hang out. All part of the strategy to make a stronger link between the town centre and the sea front.

Sildestimen is placed central on the arrival space and will give a spectacular visual arrival for the boat passangers. The fountain is made up of underlit metal grating. The area arounf has reflective concrete surface to to emphasize the fish scale effect.

Centrally on the city side of the public space is a large public object. Gressbenken is a amfi shaped lifted grass area. The place invites to intimate meetings in a large space.

Waiting sheds are located at each end of the key. With its double decker contruction they encourage to a spectaculer meeting and greeting situations. The sheds also doubles its functions as arrival signs.