Ersfjorstranda service building

TYPE Service building and shower
SIZE 14m2
LOCATION Ersfjordstrand, Senja
STATUS Preliminary
CLIENT Statens Vegvesen

TUPELO crew Christoph von Mach, Thor Arne Kleppan, Knut Hovland
The new servicebygg uses a sharp and simple volume to clearly mark the recreational area along Ersfjordstranda from all sides and will become a new architectural attraction for the area. Its position and character will help to form a start and end point for all forms of tourist activity along the beach and mountains around. The building is a triangular volume oriented with one tip towards the beach and a small platform protected from the wind on the backside.

It is an unusual shape and yet it forms a strong bond with the environment. A tilted roof holds large glass elements to flood the interior with natural light and let you experience the landscape from inside the building. In the dark the building will become a huge lantern. The building contains a HWC and a separate storage room.

The volume is exaggerated in height to mark its position in the steap topography of the mountains showing the lowest point towards the beach and the highest towards the mountains. The building emphasizes a niche for a shower and foot shower on the outside which is protected from the wind and yet you have the fantastic view over Ersfjord. The toilet is entered from the back and the small storage room from the right side. All necessary items for the toilet are feed through the wall from the storage room. A molok will be placed easily accessable between the building and the parking lot.