Strategic plan for Madla Revheim

TYPE urban planning
SIZE 3.700 housing units, 31.600m2 shared functions, 40.000m2 public functions, 85.000m2 office/retail, 273.000m2 green spaces
LOCATION Madla Revheim, Norway
CLIENT Stavanger municipality

TUPELO arkitektur Lars Goossens, Christoph von Mach, Thor Arne Kleppan, Knut Hovland
GEHL Architects
BJØRBEKK & LINDHEIM landscape architecture

Globally we are in the midst of a “perfect storm” caused by three interlocked critical situations: An economic bubble where the capitalistic forces fail to provide a sound market platform / Energy consumption based on fossil fuels to sustain a globalized world beyond our needs / Climatic changes resulting in natural disasters with lethal effects on the world’s food production.

This puts us as urban planners face to face with new challenges. Research shows that the regions overcoming moments of crisis the best are small-scale and dense urban areas with high social potentials. These areas have shown to be able to mobilize the necessary effort to handle drastic impact as a group.

The city of Stavanger blossomed in the recent decades fueled by the Norwegian oil and gas industry. The level of prosperity and individualism ignores any global tendencies. In our proposal for the new city district in Madla Revheim we put emphasis on the social longevity within the new district. By projecting global tendencies onto the local resources available, we develop a strategic plan for developing the site. In it, we define parameters to be controlled very tightly like mobility, street spaces, programming and density. On the other hand, we define less constrained elements like the internal building structure and edge conditions. In doing so we hope to provide an elastic framework that secures a social foundation and enough freedom to react to changes during the planning process over the next decades.