Kringsjå Student Housing

TYPE Urban planning
SIZE 45.000m2 housing, 5.000m2 public functions, 3.000m2 office/retail
LOCATION Oslo, Norge
STATUS direct commission
CLIENT Studentsamskipnaden i Oslo SiO

TUPELO crew Christoph von Mach, Thor Arne Kleppan, Knut Hovland
Kringsjå is Oslo’s largest student housing complex. During the next two decades, demand on affordable housing units in a versatile range of sizes will create a great challenge for SiO – Oslo’s student association. SiO wishes to investigate optimal area usage and densification of existing sites as well as the purchases of new sites. During the densification of Kringsjå it is important to create future-oriented living areas with high quality within a tight economic framework for different building typologies as well as single and family units. Through shared functions and meeting areas, we aim to produce the foundations for a social and easy life where the built environment stimulates personal and collective experiences. Minimalized private housing units in combination with shared functions are the underlay for a sustainable life style. Our proposal highlights a social and balanced densification of Kringsjå.