TYPE Urban planning
SIZE 78.000m2 harbour/transport, offices, culture & public institutions
LOCATION Oslo, Norge
STATUS Parallell assignment
CLIENT Oslo Planning Department

TUPELO crew Lars Goossens, Christoph von Mach, Thor Arne Kleppan, Knut Hovland
Project TEAM
Landscape: Dronninga Landskap
Conservation consultents: Høyer Finseth
Traffic consultant: Rønnes Rådgivning
Art: Vigdis Storsveen
Parallell assignement for the future development of Vippetangen. A historic maritime harbour area next to the Akershus Festning in the centre of Oslo.

The area has a large historical depth. The ghost of the old fortress walls are re-established as a central green grove. 
The large open plaza gives space and flexibility for mixed use events between cruise tourist, fish distributors, children school classes and youth clubs. The proposition opens up through routes into the army and fortress areas. The new fjord tram becomes the certral point of arrival and departure.