Love Shack

TYPE Private residence
SIZE 600 m2
LOCATION Dieppe Bay, Antigua
STATUS Pre-tender
CLIENT Ida and Sigbjørn Mansaaker

TUPELO crew Håvard Fagernes, Thor Arne Kleppan, Knut Hovland
STRUCTURAL CONSULTANT Office for Structural Design, Sigurdur Gunnarsson
Love shack is a private holiday residence. The clients wanted a base camp in Antigua as this is their main port of work. The compounts primary use is a private holiday villa for personal use and for renting out to groups looking for unique long weekends in the Caribbean.

The proposal organize the main volumes on 3 levels on the site. The lower part contains the shared functions. The guest bungalows are placed in the middle. The private bungalow is located at the top end of the hill.