Dælenenggata 24

TYPE housing
SIZE 2.000m2
LOCATION Oslo, Norway
STATUS building permission
CLIENT Haga Berg

TUPELO arkitektur, exorbit-art

Christoph von Mach, Thor Arne Kleppan, Knut Hovland
Our ambition with this new housing block is to create versatile and flexible typologies for a sustainable urban lifestyle in the heart of Oslo. We wish to prioritise social and environmental awareness by mixing private areas with commercial and collective functions that open up the building towards the city. By challenging todays outdated building regulations we provide heavily needed affordable housing units in the city center for singles and families. At Dælenenggata you are in the midst of many desirable urban functions and qualities. You can find workspaces around the block, walk your kid to the kindergarten, shop your veggies locally and in the end of the day go for a run. The building is not only robust but it can change its programming and with it its character over time. It is set out to be a true urban typology that lives up to the ideal of the social and lively city.