Villa Sandegren

TYPE Private residence
SIZE 360m2
LOCATION Malmøya, Oslo
STATUS Completed in 2003
CLIENT Halvor Sandegren

TUPELO crew: Knut Hovland, Ketil Hegenhaug, Magne Magler Wiggen
The villa is located on one of the islands in the Oslofjord. Although located high up in a protected pine forest, the reflection of the fjord penetrates between the tall trees, giving an extraordinary light-setting throughout the day.
The villa is built around a series of terraces on 4 levels. The placement of these terraces are both a result of wanting to integrate the house in the prestine surroundings in the summer as well as the need to create private interior spaces to withdraw from family stress and noisy neighbours. To the east of the kitchen is the breakfast terrace. A large strip of dark wood decking runs along the south fasade creating an outside space that joins the dining and living areas. From the first floor terrace, outside the master  bedroom, all other 3 external terraces are overviewed. In the late, nordic summer nights the family occupies the roofterrace to catch the end of the sun around 11 pm. The lower terrace encloses a separate flat on the lower ground floor.