Villa Wahlquist Vagle

TYPE Private residence
SIZE 216m2
LOCATION Høn, Asker, Norway
STATUS Completed in 2008
CLIENT Wahlquist Vagle

TUPELO crew: Thor Arne Kleppan, Knut Hovland, Emil Kristiansen, Simon Obehammer

The house has a monolithic form, but facilitates varied sections. It changes both in the short and long sections, with volumes out of the main block. The levels follow the very slight slope of the site, and at the same time creates spaces of varied intimacy and height. Openings are created according a series of horizontal datums that order the apparently random openings. The detailing of openings gives depths to the monolithic form - varying from flush deep set-backs. 

The main kitchen- and dining-area enjoys a panoramic view through a large horizontally formatted glazed area with large sliding doors to the terrace and garden. The morning sun coming through a large "fameless" high level window to the south-east. The living area set back in plan, becomes more intimate also with a lower ceiling height.