UiS Archeological Museum

TYPE Museum extension
SIZE 5.000 m2 new built 3.000 m2 rehabilitation
LOCATION Stavanger, Norway
STATUS Ongoing
CLIENT Statsbygg

TUPELO arkitektur with Narud Stokke Wiig Sivilarkitekter MNAL

TUPELO crew Knut Hovland, Håkon Follesø, Thor Arne Kleppan
NSW crew Siri Bakken, Jørn Narud, Erlend Torkildsen
The proposal extends the museum with high quality exhibition spaces and an intelligent circulation system. The existing and new building parts can be connected in a variety of ways and offer spaces for different types of exhibitions. In addition, the museum receives several conference and meeting spaces as well as new storage magasins. The extension is added as a simple and modern object and the logistics circulation within all buildings is optimized. The three volumes of the new building are shifted horizontally against each other and overlap with existing elements. The top exhibition box cantilevers adventurously far out over the edge to open huge windows into the city of Stavanger and becomes a new focal point in the silhouette of the city.