Lierbyen Cultural Center

TYPE Cultural centre with social institutions
SIZE 5.000m2
LOCATION Lierbyen, Norway
STATUS competition entry, 1. prize

TUPELO crew Thor Arne Kleppan, Knut Hovland, Emil Kristiansen, Katarzyna Furgalinska
The project is organized along a small- scale cultural axis going from the town hall up to Hagestad- a local epicentre for social gathering. The cultural centre and market square are located centrally on this route. to activate the public square and market place from as many sides as possible. On the ground floor facing south you will find a cafe and exhibition spaces as well as a language and culture school. The library and administrative spaces are elevated above. The basement of the old dairy inhabits a fruit and vegetable cellar, which spills out into the market place. This will create market days and other activities based around local produce.

The cultural centre itself is organized in two main volumes. The transparent front volume is facing the marked square. A solid volume containing the performance halls is positioned in the rear. The intersection between these two volumes contains the building's main circulation. Social functions such as cafe, exhibition spaces and the language school is placed on the lower floors. The two top floors house more private functions.