Bodø Town Hall

TYPE office building
SIZE 11.400m2
LOCATION Bodø, Norway

STATUS open international competition, honorable mention

CLIENT Bodø municipality

TUPELO arkitektur
WS GreenTechnologies (sustainability)

Julia Gaczek, Lars Goossens, Christoph von Mach, Thor Arne Kleppan, Knut Hovland
The proposal for the new town hall in Bodø is the new meeting place for the entire town- a socially sustainable “living room” in the shape of an active and centrally located administrative building. Programming of the effective building prioritizes social spaces and informal meeting places. This lays out the foundation for flexible working spaces with high quality where spatial arrangements stimulate dialog and interaction between the employees and visitors. The new town hall connects the existing historical structures into one new urban town hall quarter. The newly located main entrance draws all urban life into the building. Larger public functions are located on street level organized as an open internal square. Smaller public functions are grouped around the central stair structure and create a visual dialog throughout the entire building. All design decisions are in coherence with a holistic concept for a sustainable life cycle of the building.