Aker Brygge Restaurant

TYPE Restaurant
SIZE 1.000m2
LOCATION Oslo, Norway
STATUS Competition entry
CLIENT Norwegian Properties

TUPELO crew Pau Canals, Simon Oberhammer, Thor Arne Kleppan, Knut Hovland
The proposal "Window Into The City" creates a landmark building on Aker Brygge with iconic qualities. In shape and expression, the building is based on maritime associations. These are abstract and not metaphorical. The building challenges the border between private and public spaces and wishes not to prioritize the one over the other.

The restaurant is a folded plane that stands out as a continuous platform for activity. The cantilever creates a "in between" between the pier surface and the cantilever. The building skin shifts from being open and transparent in the ground floor to semi-transparent towards north and more solid towards the cantilever in the south. On the second floor the restaurant offers a huge window with long views over the entire fjord and into the city.